Missions Trip 2017

Puerto Rico

Dates: Dec. 27, 2017 to Jan. 3, 2018  **Dates Changed
Approx. Cost: $1500
Even though Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, they face challenges that many Americans do not. Over 45% of the population live below the poverty line.  Half of the island relies on food stamps. Low education levels are linked to unemployment, poverty, and crime issues.
You’ll have the chance to serve alongside a group of people who are providing Puerto Ricans every opportunity to rise above the circumstances. This global experience will grow your faith and expand your understanding of the complexity of poverty.
This is a work centered ministry trip. Here are examples of the types of projects you might be involved with:
•Painting a house for an elderly resident
•Sealing a leaky roof for someone without financial means to do it
•Volunteering in a botanical garden by doing landscape and debris cleanup
This trip is open to all ages 8 and up.  Ages 8-11 may go with parental chaperones, ages 12-17 can go without parents (depending on our adult/teenager ratio).
Payment Schedule
January         $100 Nonrefundable deposit due per person
June              $600 Total must be in each account (including deposit)
September    $1200 Total must be in each account
November     $1500 Total due
We suggest the following payment plan to help you:
December 20        $125
January 20             $125
February 20           $125
March 20                $125
April 20                   $125
May 20                   $125
June 20                  $125
July 20                   $125
August    20          $125
September 20      $125
October 20           $125
November 20       $125

If you sign up by Sunday, January 22, your spot is guaranteed.  Signups can still be taken after January if there is room available on the Groups Missions Trips team.  No registrations will be accepted at all after June 20, 2016.
Sample Itinerary
Saturday – Arrive into San Juan and be transported to your lodging facility
Sunday – Attend a local church and experience a cultural activity
Monday-Tuesday – Begin serving on your project
Wednesday – Free day to enjoy Puerto Rico
Thursday-Friday – Continue projects
Saturday – Return to San Juan for your flight home
Need to Know
•Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, so passports are not needed to travel there if you are a U.S. citizen.
•Currency is the U.S. dollar and electricity is the same as it is in the U.S.
•Be up to date on standard vaccines such as Tetanus, Mumps, and Measles. •Spanish and English are both widely spoken throughout Puerto Rico.

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